An Incremental Treaty Agreement signed between the B.C Government and Nazko First Nation in August 2012.

Bram is the principal and founder of BR Law. Bram has been providing legal and strategic advice to Indigenous governments and communities for 17 years. 

Bram advises clients on a range of issues in aboriginal law. He has extensive experience in designing and implementing multi-faceted advocacy strategies, assisting his clients in protecting their rights and realizing opportunities across various sectors. 

Bram works extensively on aboriginal rights and title matters and in advancing reconciliation through negotiations. Bram’s work spans multiple sectors, including land development, fisheries, forestry, mining, oil & gas, electricity transmission, clean energy and tourism. 

Bram advises clients in consultation and accommodation processes with government, in the development of business relationships with industry groups, and in the negotiation of Impact Benefit Agreements. He represents clients in provincial and federal environmental assessments and in proceedings at the British Columbia Utilities Commission and National Energy Board. Bram has also participated in proceedings at all levels of court, including at the Supreme Court of Canada. 

Bram acts as lead negotiator and legal counsel for First Nations at advanced stages of the British Columbia Treaty Process and has provided legal and strategic advice to First Nations at all stages of treaty negotiations. Bram works with his clients on community engagement and building capacity to prepare for self-government through treaty. Bram also acts as negotiator and legal counsel on reconciliation negotiations with Canada and British Columbia outside of the treaty process.

Bram works with clients on a variety of issues relating to land and resource management, governance, economic development, community development, commercial transactions, and Specific Claims. He often acts as general counsel, providing advice on a range of issues on a day-to-day basis.  

Bram brings a client-focused and problem-solving approach to the practice of law, based in effective communication and sound, efficient and practical legal and strategic advice. Passionate about his work and the relationships he has built with his clients, Bram strives for positive results and continued progress for the indigenous communities he is fortunate to work with.

When not with his wonderful clients, Bram is with his wonderful family, his wife and three children. Bram enjoys spending time outdoors: hiking, cycling and skiing.